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Providing GenAI services is complex

The LLM is only 20% of the solution. The remaining 80% is where Roli helps: connecting the models to the rest of your business and users.

What's being said about Roli


"This eliminates epics"

"... will just be the way it's done"

Meet Roli

Roli provides a complete Infrastructure as a Service solution for AI-native applications.
- Interconnects an API with AI models & data pipelines
- Supports enterprise access and authentication (RBAC)
- DRY API providing a unified data model between clients and backend services

Deployment Options

Self-hosted, on-prem installation via Helm chart and
managed cloud SaaS (shared and dedicated)

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Unlimited API Requests
500MB database space
5GB bandwidth
Community Support
Free plan, plus:
8GB database space
250GB bandwidth
Email Support
Daily backups stored for 7 days
7-day log retention
Pro plan, plus:
Team Management
Priority email support & SLAs
Daily backups stored for 30 days
60-day log retention
SSO Integration
Team plan, plus:
Uptime SLA
Premium Support

Additional usage fees may apply