Generative AI Gateway

Built on enterprise best practices, complementary to any existing Generative AI stack.
The leading solution for prototyping in development and structuring production release management.

Providing GenAI services is complex

Following the best practices set by and Amazon Web Services, a Generative AI Gateway is the answer: software that decouples models, consumers, and data and allows configurable, robust policy management.

What's being said about Roli


"This eliminates epics"

"... will just be the way it's done"

Meet Roli

Roli provides Generative AI Gateway services for compound AI solutions, such as: LLM abstraction, routing and chaining, OAuth/RBAC-enabled API gateway and automated client SDK generation.

Deployment Options

Self-hosted, on-prem installation via Helm chart and
managed cloud SaaS (shared and dedicated)

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5 Projects10 Projects50 ProjectsUnlimited Projects
1GB Durable Cache
5GiB Egress
+Usage (No Discount)
5GB Durable Cache
100GiB Egress
+Usage (25% Discount)
15GB Durable Cache
300GiB Egress
+Usage (50% Discount)

Min. 3 nodes
No SSOSupported SSO IntegrationCustom SSO IntegrationCustom SSO Integration
Supported LLM IntegrationsSupported LLM IntegrationsCustom LLM IntegrationCustom LLM Integration
Best EffortBest EffortBest EffortSLA